THE PUPPY ADVISER - Julia Jarvis Imdt

I've welcomed hundreds of dogs through the door of Calne Pet Supplies and spent many, many hours supporting owners. Over the years, I've come to realise not only how overwhelming the information for dog owners is

but how much misinformation and how many outdated and potentially damaging training methods

and unqualified "trainers" are out there.

So, in January 2021 I launched The Puppy Adviser to offer training, support and advice for owners and their dogs.

I am a qualified dog trainer, educated and assessed by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

and externally verified by the Open College Network.

I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol which shows that I am checked, monitored and supported by the leading trainer organisation and abide by the ethical, welfare and conduct obligations.

My study and knowledge has been recognised by The Pet Professional Guild and I hold membership

as a Canine Training Professional.

Passionate about scent work, I am also a qualified UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Level Instructor.

I will equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to build and enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling bond with your puppy, adolescent, rescue or older dog that will last a lifetime.

I not only teach all key behaviours, I also develop life skills - helping your dog to have optimism, resilience, independence, impulse control, make the right choices and have effective coping strategies.

I specialise in all aspects of puppy ownership & training alongside recall, loose lead walking, socialisation, enrichment, reactivity, separation disorder and canine cognitive disorder

as well as feeding and health & wellbeing.

I am proud to be a genuine, qualified, professional, fear free, positive reinforcement trainer.

I am fully insured and a certified canine first-aider.

I hold certificates for all training that I have undertaken and am happy to share these on request.

Julia Jarvis Imdt


Regular posts with a broad mix of content including handy hints, tips and ideas alongside lots of useful information plus offers, competitions, fun cartoons, the occasional video and lots of photos of puppies...

"I immediately felt relaxed with Julia and so did Beryl (4yr old Romanian rescue)...with Julia's help, her great training techniques and tips we made huge progress with Beryl and me!! Julia's understanding of dog's behaviours and also how humans react with their dogs was insightful. After our session I left feeling confident that I could continue the training with Beryl"

Mrs J Lloyd



"After a one hour session focused on recall with Julia, Otto (16mth Wire-Haired Vizsla) and I have some great tools to help with recall. This has given me so much more confidence to start enjoying our walks together! Julia's kind and professional approach comes highly recommended by me!

Mrs C Ward


"We had a great session today with Julia & our very excitable 7mth Lab, Jimmy.

Julia spent a lot of time calming Jimmy and teaching us how to get the best out of walks. After a well-deserved rest when we got home, we took Jimmy for a walk to his favourite park where he is usually uncontrollable. We spent time before reaching the park working on what we had learned. Jimmy quickly calmed down and walked calmly to the park without dragging us across the road - I cannot tell you what a huge step this was for him!...would definitely recommend Julia"

Mrs C Heron

"I asked Julia to help with my 6mth male Border Terrier who had started barking at other dogs/people when out for walks and it was becoming a real nuisance and making unenjoyable. Julia spent an hour session with me and pup at a local park and I could not believe how quickly she got him to stop barking and interacting much more positively and quietly!...I cannot recommend her services at The Puppy Adviser enough as she has given me the tools and the confidence to keep working on the issue..."

Mrs M Bunker