We stock a comprehensive range of foods, treats, toys, training aids, healthcare and accessories for dogs and cats,

from the very youngest and smallest to the oldest and biggest!



We stock an excellent range of dry, cold-pressed, wet and raw natural dog food

alongside a great choice of dry, wet and raw natural cat food.


Your pets deserve the best and we believe in foods that are healthy, human-grade, nutritionally balanced and without any unnecessary ingredients, colours, additives or preservatives...just as nature intended.

We are happy to source any dog or cat food you require

and order many brands on a regular basis for our customers.


We have an exciting choice of natural (and very, very tasty!) treats and chews for

everyday feeding, enrichment, training and special occasions.

We specialise in providing alternatives for dogs with sensitive digestions and include treats sourced from

buffalo, ostrich, kangaroo, rabbit, goat and venison as well as 

turkey, beef, salmon, pork, chicken, lamb and duck! 

We've made sure your cats won't miss out either with lots of yummy chicken and fish treats to choose from.

Antlers, Chewroots and Olivewood chews from Green & Wilds.
Biscuits, meaty morsels and fishy bites from Carnilove, Denzels, The Dog Treat Company, Forthglade,

Green & Wilds, Innocent Hound, Lily's Kitchen, Naturediet, Pet Munchies, Pooch & Mutt and Soopa
​Amazing handbaked biscuits from Happy Hounds Bakery and Poochs.
And a great selection of bones, hooves, ears, trotters, tails...and more

from JR Pet Products, Anco and other great suppliers.



​but we aim to stock toys designed for play and entertainment that are

high quality, safe and as durable as any toy can be!

We also stock a great range of interactive, motivational toys from South West Agility Goods that are great for training and bonding with your dog.

If you love Tug-E-Nuff, pop onto their website and enter code THEPUPPYADVISER at checkout for 10% disount.

Cats will never get bored with our ever changing stock of toys and scratch posts...catnip heaven!


Collars, leads and harnesses, coats/jumpers, beds, training aids, grooming tools, health & hygiene products and over the counter flea and tick name just a few of our accessories!

Collars and leads from Ancol, Halti, Flexi, Oscar & Hooch and Red Dingo.
A wide selection of walking harnesses, car harnesses and seat-belt adaptors.
Dog coats and jumpers for all weathers and occasions including Hotterdog by Equafleece

and the must-have Dogrobes - THE drying coat for dogs.

Slumber beds, snuggle beds, quilted mattresses and crate mats by Danish Design and other top brands,  
Ancol self-heating pads, cool mats and VetBed.

Training aids from double-ended, multi-position leads, long lines, clickers, whistles and treat pouches...

we even have toilet training bells!

A great range of gundog training equipment including canvas dummies, scent sticks, rabbit dummies,

Acme whistles, heeling leads, slip leads and more.


Pet Rebellion doormats, runners, bootmates and dinner mats always in stock.

Shampoos from Tropiclean, Dorwest Herbs, Aqueos and Animology

(including the fantastic Fox Poo - a unique shampoo that removes poo and really works!)
Grooming brushes, combs and tools for every type of fur.
Everyday hygiene and first-aid products including the essential Pawz Boots and spray-on plaster from Aqueos.

A wide range of Johnsons veterinary licensed flea products and wormers alongside

natural repellent products for fleas, ticks and mites and natural intestinal hygiene control formulas

including market leaders Billy No Mates, Four Seasons and Verm-X
For those that prefer to worm completely naturally, we also have worm count kits from Vince The Vet.

Plus, lots, lots more!