Food and Treats 

We stock Burgess Feeds for rabbits and guinea pigs alongside Mr Johnsons for hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice.
We will happily order any other brands of food you require.

We are proud to supply pure meadow hay freshly bagged from farms near Royal Wootton Bassett.

It is quite possibly the best and tastiest hay you can feed and is very popular.

We offer a great selection of yummy treats from a wide variety of British manufacturers..





We keep straw (also from farms near Royal Wootton Bassett), Pillow Wad shavings, Carefresh bedding

and a range of nesting materials and bathing sand.




We have a range of fun, interactive toys including play tunnels, chew tubes, treat dispensers, edible houses and activity accessories.


Health & Hygiene


We stock insecticidal sprays, small animal shampoo and hutch disinfectant. 
We also have a range of grooming tools designed especially for small furries

which includes brushes, slickers, combs and nail trimmers.